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Monday, 15 September 2014

Autumn Meeting and Annual General Meeting 24th September 2014

The AGM will be held held at Imperial College on the 24th of September at Imperial College London.

The aim of the meeting is to provide an overview of the current research activities in the UK combustion community. Scientists and engineers are invited to submit contributions on all aspects of combustion science and technology from fundamental physical and chemical processes to applications. The meeting will consist of a combination of 8-minute oral presentations, and subsequent poster presentations, based on accepted abstracts.

Planned colloquia include, but are not limited to:

Turbulent Combustion. Including experiments, theory and simulations of turbulent flames, as well as fundamental aspects of combustion dynamics.

Explosions and Fires. Including detonations, explosions and deflagration to detonation transition. Also including fundamental aspects of fires, fire spread and buoyant flames. The use of hydrogen rich mixtures as well as syngas and bio-derived fuel blends.

Combustion Diagnostics. Including the development and applications of diagnostic techniques and sensors for the understanding and control of combustion phenomena.

Multiphase Systems. Including experiments, theory, and simulations applied to droplets and spray combustion. Also including fundamental aspects of combustion of solid fuels (e.g. coal and biomass), the formation of particulates and material synthesis.

Propulsion, Power Systems and Emissions. Including modelling, simulation and experiments on phenomenological aspects of propulsion (engines and gas turbines) and power systems. Including CO2 capture, chemical looping and emissions.

The meeting will be help at Imperial College London, in the Royal School of Mines Building, entrance through Prince Consort Road, SW7 2BP. The registration desk and posters will be in Room G38 and Oral Presentations in the Lecture Theatre G20. Both of them are on the ground floor and will be clearly indicated. Visitors are recommended to use public transport. For more information visit Note that Parking spaces are very limited, and only available to those with a specific need (requests should be sent to


For Registration, fill the last page of his form below:

Combustion Meeting 24 September


Member Combustion Institute or IoP £70

Student/ Retired Member Combustion Institute or IoP £40

Non-Member £100

The annual cost of membership of The British Section of The Combustion Institute is £30 for regular and £15 for student or retired members. To become a member, please go to the Combustion Institute Website:

Organisers: Prof Peter Lindstedt and Dr Salvador Navarro-Martinez (

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