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Friday, 27 September 2013

2013 Elections for the Committee concluded

Dear members,

Elections for the CIBS committee in 2013 have been concluded. There were 86 electronic votes cast, with the election of Phil Bowen and Yajue Wu in the first round (see attachment for total result counts). We would like to thank Ben Anthony and Jethro Ackroyd for standing for this election as well. 

The current composition of the committee is shown below. 

Prof. P. Bowen
Cardiff University
Prof. R. S. Cant
University of Cambridge    
Prof. Y. Hardalupas
Imperial College

(2009 – 2012),(2012 – 2015)
Hon. Secretary
Prof. A N. Hayhurst 
University of Cambridge    
Honorary life member
Dr. K. J. Hughes
Leeds University
Membership secretary, co-opted (2013)
Prof. W. P. Jones 
Imperial College
Chair, (2011-2016)
Prof. R. P. Lindstedt 

Director, Combustion Institute
Prof. E. Mastorakos
University of Cambridge
Associate Editor of C&F
Mr. J. Moran
Rolls-Royce plc
Dr. N. Morgan
Shell Global Solutions
Dr G. Rein                                   
Imperial College
Web Master (2008-2011), (2011-2014)
Dr Y. Wu
University of Sheffield

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