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Wednesday, 31 October 2012

The 2011 Hinshelwood and Sugden Prizes

The Hinshelwood Prize was presented to Dr Alisdair Campbell, Lecturer at the University of Surrey. Cambpell has been singled out for his original thinking, independent research and for bringing unique mathematical methods to previously intractable problems in chemical engineering in the area of natural convection and kinetics. The prize is awarded annually to a young member for work in any branch of Combustion. The panel was headed by Bryn Jones, with assistance from Kevin Hughes.

The Sugden Prize has been awarded to N. Swaminathan, G. Xu, A. Dowling and R. Balachandran on “Heat release rate correlation and combustion noise in premixed flames”, published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics (2011), vol. 681, pp. 80-115. The prize is made annually for the best paper with at least one British Section member as author. The panel was chaired by Roger Cracknell, with assistance from Tony Griffiths, Bill Jones and Yannis Hardalupas.

Prof Jones (second from the right) hands the Sugden Prize
to Drs Balachandran, Swaminathan and Dowling. 
Prof Jones hands the Hinshelwood Prize to Dr Campbell

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