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Friday, 23 December 2011

6th European Combustion Meeting announced for 2013

The following is an email from Professor Alexander Konnov sent on 22 Dec 2011.

Dear colleague,

The Scandinavian-Nordic Section of the Combustion Institute under the auspices of the Federation of the European Sections of the Combustion Institute invites you to contribute and join us at the 6th European Combustion Meeting (ECM2013) which will take place at Lund University, Sweden, from 25th to 28th of June, 2013.

More information could be found at:

The ECM 2013 follows the tradition of the previous meetings which were held in:
ECM 2003 – Orleans, France
ECM 2005 – Louvan-la-Neuve, Belgium
ECM 2007 – Chania, Greece
ECM 2009 – Vienna, Austria
ECM 2011 – Cardiff, Great Britain

The European Combustion Meeting covers all aspects of combustion science and technology, including fundamental physical and chemical aspects of traditional and novel fuel sources, modelling, reaction kinetics, industrial systems, gas turbine and engine systems, fires, combustion diagnostics, laminar and turbulent flames, burner systems, environmental impact and their mitigation, oxyfuel combustion, boilers and fluidised bed combustors, etc.

The Scandinavian-Nordic section and the University are very proud to hold this prestigious event. I look forward to meeting you at the ECM 2013 in Lund.

With this I wish you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year !

Professor Alexander Konnov
Division of Combustion Physics, Dept. of Physics
Lund Institute of Technology

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