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Tuesday, 12 April 2011

IOP Spring meeting - Combustion Modelling for Challenging Applications

The IOP Combustion Physics Group Spring Technical meeting on “Combustion Modelling for Challenging Applications” is to be held in Southampton on the 23rd of May.

Organised by the IOP Combustion Physics Group. Co-sponsored by the Combustion Institute British Section.
The meeting will present state of the art modeling activities for challenging applications in combustion, complemented by experimental work. Speakers include UK and international experts from academia and industry.

Venue: The Senate Room, Building 37, Highfield Campus, University of Southampton
University Road, Southampton, SO17 1BJ

09:15Arrival, Registration, Coffee
09:50Welcome by Professor Phil Bowen
Morning technical session: Chaired by Prof Kai Luo
10:00Continuous Wave Detonation Engines 
Dmitry Davidenko (CNRS, Orleans)
10:30Modelling the Effects of Volcanic Ash on High Pressure Combustion Systems 

Dave Dunham and Ken Young (Rolls-Royce)
11:00Large Marine Diesel Engine modelling 

Yuri Wright (ETH, Zurich)
11:30Diesel Fuel Injection and Combustion: What Can Modelling & Simulation Offer? 

Xi Jiang (Lancaster University)
12:00Experimental Studies of Model Gas Turbine Combustors and Links to Combustion Modelling
Yannis Hardalupas (Imperial College London)
Afternoon session: Chaired by Prof Epaminondas Mastorakos 

13:45Oxy-Coal Combustion 

Mohamed Pourkashanian (University of Leeds)
14:15Modelling Multiphase Flow and Chemical Reactions in Bubbling Fluidised Beds
Kai Luo (University of Southampton)
14:45Slagging and Fouling Predictor for Biomass Combustion in Boilers
Piotr Plaza and Tony Griffiths (University of Cardiff)
15:15Modelling of Turbulent Premixed and Stratified Combustion
N. Swaminathan (University of Cambridge)
15:45Inverse Modelling to Forecast Enclosure Fire Dynamics
Guillermo Rein (University of Edinburgh)
16:30Coffee, Departure

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