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Monday, 13 September 2010

Short course on Spark Ignition Engine Combustion at Leeds in January 2011

Upcoming Automotive Engineering short course:

Spark Ignition Engine Combustion
Monday 17 - Friday 21 January 2011, Leeds (UK).

This course provides professional automotive engineers and post graduate students with a fundamental understanding of the combustion processes associated with Spark Ignition Engine design. It presents the essential analytical diagnostics and practical approaches required to quantify the turbulent flow field combustion and heat release rate.

Following the wide range of fundamentals presented on the first three days, mixture preparation and the combustion and practical aspects of alternative fuels are addressed before progressing to advanced production-ready and potential future concepts. These include gasoline direct injection and homogeneous charge compression ignition.

Delegates are free to attend the full 5 day course or just those days most relevant to them.

Visit the course webpage at:

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